The ABCs of Life

Everyone could use some meaningful advice and encouragement now and then. In this collection of 26 short, inspirational passages, you are sure to find words that will strike a chord and change the way you perceive life for the better. Byron V. Garrett guides adolescents and adults alike to take ownership of their lives and work toward excellence and success, even when life’s inevitable obstacles arise. From “Accept the Challenge” to “Zealously Strive to Achieve,” there is no shortage of motivating and meaningful ideas to live by.

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ABCs of Life Author Byron V Garrett named to The Root 100: Most Influential African Americans Under 45

Congratulations to Mr. Byron V. Garrett for an outstanding achievement and receiving recognition by The Root as one of the most influential African Americans under 45.

Author and educator Byron Garrett has always been committed to our nation’s youth. Whether as national program leader for the national 4-H organization or as CEO of the 5 million-member national PTA, he’s worked in tandem with parents, students and government to encourage good scholarship. Currently, Garrett is chairman of the National Family Engagement Alliance, a nonprofit dedicated to building a robust, national network of mobilized and activated parents. The former principal has authored several books, including The ABC’s of Life, and is a frequent guest on national news programs on young people and our schools.  — Excerpt taken from The Root

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