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Have you been looking for like minded people with a commitment to #pursuegreatness?  You’ve come to the right place. On this platform we’ll share ideas, strategies, tools and resources each month designed to help you #LiveGreatly!  Our premise is based on the mantra, “if the mind can conceive it and the heart can believe it then the hands can achieve it because it all begins in the mind!” We call it TGOTI for short and invite you to join us on this journey to greatness.

Your membership includes access to monthly content curated by Byron V. Garrett, your guide to inspiration and greatness. With each new day we face a new set of challenges requiring us to stay committed and be relentless in our pursuit of success. We must challenge ourselves, change our mindset and have the courage to commit to succeed. This site is for like minded folks, thus the membership.  Only members have access to the content and each month you’ll receive access to new ebooks, audio books, inspirational posters, and resources that will aid you on your journey to achieve greatness.