Motivated for Greatness – 100 Strategies to Keep You Inspired


Motivation is what drives you to achieve goals in life. Without it, any task you will perform will feel dry and empty. It is one of the core differences between a hard-working person and a hard-working machine. Also, motivation acts like a sort of adrenaline rush in the blood stream. It can make you achieve things which you normally cannot. It is like the fuel that keeps a fire burning.

But like any fuel, motivation can also run out. Sometimes, it can just dry up on its own. This is especially true if the goals being pursued still appear so far away. That is why motivation is something that needs to be renewed from time to time just as you would refuel a car once its fuel tank is empty.

This book provides you 100 strategies to keep you inspired and motivated to achieve greatness. It’s not a matter of if but a matter of when.

Author and speaker Byron V. Garrett discusses tips for self care and his new book Motivated for Greatness [CLICK HERE] »

About the publisher

An accomplished business executive, government official and humanitarian, Byron V. Garrett is a true renaissance man. One of the most compelling and inspirational voices of our time, Byron is Chairman of the National Family Engagement Alliance (NFEA), a nonprofit dedicated to transforming education through meaningful family engagement. Byron is the Visionary and Chief Creative Officer of The Valdecio Collection, a lifestyle luxury brand consisting of clothing, watches, fragrances and eyewear. The former Director of Educational Leadership & Policy for Microsoft serves as a consulting author for Scholastic.