An excellent teaching tool that will help students tap into their potential, be inspired, motivated, and bring out the best in others.
Dr. Francisco Duran, Superintendent and Educational Leader, Trenton Public Schools

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    New Book – There’s Greatness on the Inside

    While there’s no X-ray machine to detect success, There’s Greatness on the Inside will help children achieve their potential and live the mantra, “if the mind can conceive it and the heart can believe it, then the hands can achieve it!” National education advocate, Byron V. Garrett counteracts the limiting messages projected at children by today’s media-driven world in this beautifully illustrated, uplifting book for…

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    Byron Garrett on Professional Development, the Role of Families and the Possibilities of Edtech

    Byron Garrett has played just about every role in the education process:

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    A great inspirational work providing readers with 26 helpful hints to make it through life. The ABC's of Life is a simple, yet powerful book that truly teaches one to live a prosperous life by applying the principles.

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    One of the most compelling voices of our time, Byron V. Garrett is the founder and chairman of the National Family Engagement Alliance; a nonprofit dedicated to transforming education through meaningful family engagement.

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